To redeem your activation code for your Les Mills On Demand account:

If you do not have a Les Mills On Demand subscription, you are able to redeem a Gift Subscription with the unique activation code by following these steps:

Please note, if you received a gift subscription and you're having trouble redeeming the code per the steps below, please contact LMOD support for further assistance.

1. To redeem your gift subscription code, please select here and select START YOUR FREE TRIAL. 


2. When asked to select a subscription, please select the type of subscription your code is for (ex. annual.)


*Subscription prices and options shown are United States subscription prices only and will vary.

3. Submit your account information. If this code is for an existing account that has been canceled, please make sure this information is identical to your canceled account or you will start a new account instead of renewing your old one. Please remember to take your time, and review your email and password for typos! When ready, select CONTINUE.



4. Select continue to navigate to the Payment Info page. Please select I HAVE AN ACTIVATION CODE Copy your code in the box that appears. Select CONTINUE.


5. Select CONTINUE to activate your account! Please check your provided email address for an account activation email. This email may be automatically sent to your junk or spam folders, so be sure to check those!


1. Can I redeem codes or update my payment details on the app?
It is currently only possible to update payment information and redeem codes through the website and not our apps.

3. How would I know if my friend has redeemed their gift subscription?

You can follow the status of your friend’s subscription on the GIFT SUBSCRIPTION page under My Account, and see when they move from a pending subscription to a redeemed subscription.

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