If experiencing issues getting access to the BOOTCAMP workout section (videos are locked) please complete the below steps. We recommend you complete these steps on a computer browser. If you would like to watch the BOOTCAMP workouts on one of our apps you can add them to MYLIST on your computer browser once you've completed the steps below and they will appear on your app:

1. Sign in to your account on our LOG IN page.


2. You will be navigated to the Account page once you've signed in to your account. Now click EXPLORE.

3. Now that you're on the EXPLORE page confirm that you are signed in by making sure you see the first initial of the account holder's name in the top right corner of your browser.


4. Now go back to your BOOTCAMP email:
   a. On a computer browser right-click "BOOTCAMP ACCESS LINK"  and select "Copy Hyperlink".
   b. On a mobile browser long press "BOOTCAMP ACCESS LINK" and select "Copy".

5. Now return to the EXPLORE page, delete the URL in the browser bar then right-click in the browser bar, and select "Paste."

6. You're in! You should now be on the BOOTCAMP workout page and instead of seeing a padlock on the workouts, you should see the workout length in the bottom right corner of the workouts.

If you have any questions about these steps or continue to have any issues accessing BOOTCAMP please contact us.