Yes, you sure can! 

There are only 2 countries where Les Mills on Demand is not accessible for travel: China & Indonesia. The LES MILLS On Demand app is available for use when you travel in all other countries. 

There is a simple 3 step process to make sure you can access your favorite workouts, anywhere.

STEP ONE: Make sure you’re all signed up for LES MILLS On Demand before you travel. You can register here.
STEP TWO: Download LES MILLS On Demand from the app store on your device before you leave home, then sign in.

STEP THREE: Connect to a strong Wi-Fi signal to ensure you get the best video quality, choose your workout, and go for it!

TIP: Download your favorite workouts before you travel if you want to reduce data usage!

Please note: In some countries BODYBALANCE videos are renamed BODYFLOW due to copyright restrictions - they are exactly the same program.

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