Yes, you can! There are only 2 countries where LMOD is not accessible for travel, China and Indonesia. The LMOD app is available for use when you travel in all other countries. 

There’s a simple 3 step process to make sure you can access your favorite workouts, anywhere.

  • STEP ONE: Make sure you’re all signed up for LES MILLS On Demand before you travel. You can register here.
  • STEP TWO: Ensure that you are using one of our apps to watch LMOD. Download the LES MILLS On Demand from the app store for your device before you leave home, then sign in.
  • STEP THREE: Connect to a good WiFi signal to ensure you get the best video quality, choose your workout, and go for it!

TIP: Download your favorite workouts before you travel if you want to reduce data usage!

Using an iOS device? With the LES MILLS On Demand iOS app, you can download workouts for up to 14 days and view them at your convenience.

Please note: In some countries BODYBALANCE videos are renamed BODYFLOW due to copyright restrictions - they are exactly the same program.

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