adiClub is a free Adidas membership program – and your chance to get inside and unlock the best of Adidas. Earn points to level up and gain access to amazing rewards, including Hype Access, Early Access to Product Launches, Special Events, Adidas Runtastic Premium, and more! 

We've partnered with Adidas so that you can earn points on workouts done with the LES MILLS+ app. Now you can collect points from your favorite LES MILLS+ workouts and make your way towards exclusive rewards!

The program is currently available in the US, UK, France, Russia, Colombia, Canada, Brazil, Turkey, Germany, Argentina, Australia, Chile, India, Japan, Mexico, Netherlands, New Zealand, Peru, Poland, Singapore, and Spain. Further countries will be added in the future – stay tuned!

For more information on adiClub, check the Adidas website here.

Note: The availability of certain features and offers can be different from country to country. Not all LES MILLS+ workouts are eligible for earning adiClub Points.

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