Once you've linked your adiClub membership with your LES MILLS+ account, you can start earning adiClub points. Below are instructions to help you with syncing your completed workouts with your adiClub membership so you can earn points!

Please note, this is only available when using our LES MILLS+ app on a phone or tablet.

How to sync your adiClub workouts:

  1. In the LES MILLS+ app, tap the PROFILE icon in the bottom menu, and you'll see an adidas icon next to My Sessions that will allow you to sync workouts with adiClub. 
  2. If you don't have any workouts to sync yet, you'll see the adidas icon as gray. If you tap on that icon, you'll see a popup where you can tap FIND A WORKOUT to explore the library and locate a workout to sync after. 
  3. Whenever you have workouts ready to be synced, you'll see a green dot on your Profile section next to the adidas icon.
  4. Tap the adidas sync button, and confirm you wish to sync workouts by tapping SYNC WORKOUTS.
  5. Once completed, you'll get a message confirming Workouts Synced.

How to check your adiClub Points:

You can check your adiClub points in your Profile tab by tapping VIEW ADICLUB POINTS  button or by tapping the VIEW ADICLUB POINTS button after syncing a workoutThis will take you to your adiClub Runtastic app or website to check your current points.

For more information on adiClub, check the Adidas website here.

Note: The availability of certain features and offers can be different from country to country. Not all LES MILLS+ workouts are eligible for earning adiClub Points.

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