You can now link your adiClub membership to your LES MILLS+ account, allowing you to earn adiClub points when completing certain LES MILLS+ workouts! To do this, you'll need the following:

  • An active LES MILLS+ subscription
  • The LES MILLS+ app downloaded to your phone or tablet - the icon is a black and white "L+" logo
  • An active adiClub membership
  • Download and install the Runtastic adidas app and sign in with your adiClub credentials - the icon is a black background with white adidas icon and "Running" logo

If you are yet to have all of the above:

  • You can subscribe to LES MILLS+ by following these steps here.
  • To sign up for an adiClub membership, or learn more about membership perks and details, please visit here.

Now that you have everything you need, let's get your accounts linked together!

How to link your adiClub membership to your LES MILLS+ account:

1. Open the LES MILLS+ app and sign in to your account.

2. There are two ways to connect:

  • Tap the PROFILE icon in the bottom menu to open your Profile page and you'll see a banner there to Connect to adiClub. Tap the CONNECT NOW link under the Connect to adiClub section.

    * Please note that if you're on an iOS device, you'll see an additional pop-up that allows the pp and website to sign in, tap CONTINUE.
  • Tap on the settings gear icon under Profile and tap the toggle to Connect to adiClub. Tap the CONNECT NOW link under the Connect to adiClub popup.

3. The next screen may ask you to give permission to accept cookies, tap ACCEPT.

4. The mobile browser will open and you'll be presented with a sign in screen, with a few different options to sign in:

  • Enter your adiClub email and password to sign in (this email may be different from your LM+ email).
  • If you normally sign into adiClub using your Facebook, Google, or Apple account, then use the icons at the top. 

5. Tap ALLOW to link your adiClub information with LES MILLS+. Please make sure to give the app time to sync and do not close it.

6. You should see a message at the bottom that adiClub is now connected.

You can read more about syncing workouts here: How to sync adiClub workouts And now you're ready to earn adiClub points with LES MILLS+! 

Please note: Once your accounts are linked together, you can work out from any device that you're signed into your LES MILLS+ account with, and your workout history will be synced across all devices.

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