For the Premium tier, yes, they sure are!

All of the following programs are included with your LES MILLS+ Premium subscription: (To learn more about Base Tier - LES MILLS+ membership options: Premium or Base)

  • BODYPUMP - Strength Training
  • BODYCOMBAT - Martial Arts
  • LES MILLS GRIT - High-Intensity Interval Training
  • LES MILLS CORE - Core Conditioning
  • LES MILLS SPRINT - HIIT Indoor Cycling
  • LES MILLS STRETCH - Stretch & Mobility
  • THE TRIP - Immersive Indoor Cycling
  • RPM - Indoor Cycling
  • BODYATTACK - Sports Conditioning
  • BODYSTEP - Step Aerobics
  • SH'BAM - Dance Fitness
  • LES MILLS BARRE - Ballet-Inspired Training
  • MIND & BODY - Yoga and Mindfulness 
  • BORN TO MOVE - Inspiring Young People
  • LES MILLS WELLNESS - Increase energy and vitality, improve clarity, boost strength
  • LES MILLS RUN - Audio workouts for outdoors or on a treadmill
  • STRENGTH DEVELOPMENT - Progressive Strength Training
  • LOW IMPACT - Simple Low-Impact Workouts

You also have access to our Challenges, which you can find here! These include workout plans, nutritional advice, and more. 

The following programs may be available in your gym, and we also have some bonus content for them on LES MILLS+:

  • LES MILLS TONE - Innovative Cardio, Strength and Core Training
  • BODYJAM - Dance workouts

NOTE: You can find the bonus workouts by searching "BODYJAM" or "TONE" on the platform


Why can't I see the latest release that I do in my club?

Our instructors who teach live classes in clubs get the new releases first, and we subsequently make them available on LES MILLS+ around 6 months later. The latest LES MILLS+ releases are added on the first of each month and can be found in the “New Workouts This Month” category on our main page.

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