For Premium tier, we update our LES MILLS+ library on the 1st of each month with new releases, and we have a new full release of each class once per quarter. We also offer most classes with a variety of lengths and track combinations, and these are released across the quarter. These new releases can be found in the “New Workouts This Month” category on our main page. 

For Base tier, you will receive a new release for each available program every 3 months, and then it will refresh for a new full release at that time.

Due to the reformatting of the LES MILLS+ workouts, there is a 6-9 month lag between the latest releases being made available in the gym and their release online. This means you may have to wait a little while before you can do your new favorites from home, but keep an eye out as we will launch them as soon as we can! 

Our library is updated frequently with at least 10 new videos added each month. The releases are distributed among the classes we offer. 

The new releases can be found in the FEATURED CONTENT in the top carousel and will also be placed in the RECENTLY ADDED category.

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