Exercising the muscles around the core of your body, LES MILLS CORE™ provides the vital ingredient for a stronger, leaner body. A strong core can help improve your movement and stability in all the things you do in everyday life.

The moves in LES MILLS CORE are simple and you choose the intensity, so it suits any fitness level. For awesome results, we recommend you do it two or three times per week.

All you’ll need is a single weight plate and a resistance tube (available at all leading sports stores). If you don’t have a weight plate, you can use a dumbbell, kettlebell, weight bag, sandbag or medicine ball. Furthermore, you can get creative with what you use as "weights" or simply try bodyweight! Wear comfortable workout clothes and supportive shoes, too.

LES MILLS CORE can be a great workout during the first and second trimester of pregnancy with some modifications. You can find out more here.

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