Which workouts should I do first?

Sometimes it’s hard to know where to start. For this exact reason, we have a dedicated Getting Started section, to help outline anything you need to know in a nice and simple way. 

We have workouts that cater for all levels of fitness. Which program you start with will depend on your current level of fitness, as well as the results you’re after. Check out our full suite of LES MILLS+ workouts here to see which ones will help you reach your goals. 

If strengthening and toning is what you’re after, BODYPUMP is the workout for you. If you’re keen to burn fat and send your cardio fitness through the roof, you can’t go past BODYCOMBAT. Whatever the program, there will be options to start slowly and take low-impact options throughout the workout. Check out our SMARTSTART section for advice on how to get started.

If you’re already exercising regularly and have a good base level of fitness, you might be ready to introduce some HIIT into your schedule with the LES MILLS GRIT Series.

How fit do I need to be to start doing workouts?

Anyone of any age or fitness level can work out with LES MILLS+ and see awesome fitness benefits. If you haven’t worked out with us before, click on the workout you want to access and watch it first. We mean that… kick back, relax and enjoy the music. Once you’ve seen what you’re about to do, you’ll feel more confident jumping in and giving it a go.

For your first workout, start with just 20 minutes of one workout and see how you go. If you’re tired, and feel like you’re short of breath then that’s enough. You’ll be able to do more next time. For more information on the best way to get started with your new fitness routine, check out our SMARTSTART guide.

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