To ensure we are keeping true to our goal of inclusivity within our LES MILLS UNITED community, we are in the process of providing Closed Captions for all our new and pre-existing workouts. Closed captions will be added to all new workouts added to LES MILLS+ and have already been added to all workouts from May 17, 2021.

Please see the below step-by-step instructions to learn how to view Closed Captions while viewing a workout,

STEP ONE: Open the workout you wish to play

STEP TWO: Hover your mouse over the video player and look for the CC widget on the bottom right of the player (the red arrow on the image shows where this is)

STEP THREE: Click on the language you wish to see subtitles in, and the captions will populate for viewing

You're now all set to go!


Why is this not available on all of the available workouts yet?

Workouts added to LES MILLS+ before May 17, 2021, may not have Closed Captions yet. We have started with our newer content, but please rest assured we are currently in the process of adding Closed Captions to our entire back-catalog of workouts! 

Inclusivity is an important value for all members of our LES MILLS UNITED community. For this reason, the addition of Closed Captions to all workouts on LES MILLS+ is an endeavour we are committed to.

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