On the 4th October at 10am NZDT, LES MILLS On Demand became LES MILLS+. Here is everything you need to know about this change!

Why the name change?

Over the years, LES MILLS On Demand has grown and developed into much more than just a video streaming platform. Moving to a new app allows us to continue making new updates and bringing new features that we know our members will love! With some new features and more innovation in the pipeline, we felt like it was time for a new name that better reflected everything we offer, and that’s how LES MILLS+ came about.  

What are the main differences between LMOD and LES MILLS+ 

LesMills+ brings in improvements and functionality that we’ve heard customers asking for, such as: 


  • We’ve revamped Search to let you search for anything: from a Program or specific workout, to a duration, piece of equipment you have or your favorite Trainer. 
  • Casting to Chromecast or AppleTV is easier to use, letting you choose your workout on your phone, and watching it on the big screen. 

        New functionality

  • Ability to skip tracks in a workout you’re not interested in, 
  • View your workout history, 
  • View your workout statistics for this month,
  • Get recommendations based on the workouts you’ve done
  • M<onitor your Challenge progress, and have your next Challenge workout presented on your homepage.

We’ll be rolling out improvements and new features every month or so, continuing to listen to your feedback and improve your experience.


Can I still use my LES MILLS On Demand login?

Yes! Your login details won’t change. You can still continue to use the same log in details for the LES MILLS+ app and on platform too! 


How do people install the LES MILLS+ mobile app ? 

To download LES MILLS+, go to your app store, search ‘LES MILLS+’ and download from there. It will ask you for your log in details, so simply use the same email and password as you have for the LES MILLS On Demand app or website in the past. 

Download from the App Store

Download from Google Play


Will the LES MILLS On Demand app be removed from app stores?

We are confident that our customers will love the LES MILLS+ experience so we will be removing the LES MILLS On Demand app from iOS apps stores for new customers. So, that means that if you are new customer, you will only be able to download LES MILLS+. But don’t worry, if you’re already up and running using the LES MILLS On Demand app and you want to stay using this app you can. 

Note: While LesMills+ brings in brand new improvements and functionality, the localised content in certain countries is not yet available in the LesMills+ app, so for now we are keeping LES MILLS On Demand live in the app store to complement the new LesMills+ app.

Will there be a new LM+ TV app?


At present we are focusing on bringing new features to our iOS / Android apps as well as our browser based app. The TV apps will continue to be available as they currently are. Workouts from your TV will show up in your workout history on the LM+ app, so you can still track all your workouts regardless of how you do them. We will revisit the decision around TV applications next year, depending on feedback from customers around the features we are bringing out. In the meantime, a great option is to cast from our LM+ apps to your TV.

Will there be a version of LM+ for my tablet?

At this stage we don't have plans to release an iOS/ Android version of the LM+ app on tablets. We encourage users to try out the new website via a web browser on their tablet, this has been updated with some of the new features available on the LM+ app.

Will members be forced to use the LES MILLS+ app?

If you are an existing member using the LES MILLS On Demand app, no, at this stage you will not be forced over to LES MILLS+. If you want to continue using LES MILLS On Demand you can. However, we highly recommend giving LES MILLS+ a try - we know you will love it and all the new features it offers!