The world’s favorite yoga fusion workout will now be known as BODYBALANCE on LES MILLS+. Here’s what you need to know. 

When is this change happening?

From 10 November 2021, your favorite BODYFLOW workouts will now go by the name BODYBALANCE on LES MILLS+.

Why the change? 

BODYFLOW is known as BODYBALANCE in most markets around the world. We want everyone on LES MILLS+ around the world to enjoy the workout with one consistent name to avoid confusion. 

Why now? 

We’ve just introduced LES MILLS+ as the new name for world-leading workouts on demand, so now is the perfect time to transition BODYFLOW to BODYBALANCE.

What will happen to BODYFLOW workouts I have already downloaded?

Please take note of any BODYFLOW workouts you’ve downloaded. These will be removed from your downloads, so you’ll need to re-download the workouts when the change happens. 

Are you planning to transition BODYFLOW for live workouts?

It’s something we are working towards in the future, but we don’t have a fixed timeline on when we might make the transition. We will let you know as soon as any decisions are confirmed.