Some of the Equipment Bundles available on our equipment website include a free Les Mills+ subscription. Please see the below step by step instructions in order to start the subscription included in your equipment order.


1. Once you have completed the checkout journey for an equipment bundle that includes an LM+ subscription, you can start your subscription right away via the below order confirmation page. This page appears as soon as you've successfully completed your order.

2. Alternatively, you can redeem your subscription in the future using the link included in your order confirmation email. This link will appear as a red button within the body of this email, you can see what this will look like in the below screenshot. Please note that your subscription link will expire 6 months after you complete your purchase. If your link has expired please reach out to our support team via the "CONTACT US" button at the bottom of this article.

3. After clicking on your subscription activation link, you will be directed to the below "Sign up to LES MILLS+" page. Fill in all the required fields before clicking the yellow start now button as seen in the below screenshot.


4. After clicking “START NOW” Your 6-month subscription will be created, and you will automatically be signed into your account. You can now stream workouts!

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