What are the LES MILLS+ membership options? 


When you join LES MILLS+ you can choose from two types of subscriptionBase and Premium.  

LES MILLS+ Premium is the full-access experience. It gives you unlimited access to thousands of workouts and all LES MILLS programs, including the iconic BODYPUMP workout. You can access the full collection of workout plans, fitness challenges, and the bootcamp series. Premium also includes all app features such as downloadable workouts for offline use, workout history and favorites. 


LES MILLS+ Base gives you access to a limited number of workouts across 10 LES MILLS™ programs. This includes the latest workout release from BODYATTACK, BODYCOMBAT, BODYBALANCE, BODYSTEP, LES MILLS CORE, SH’BAM, LES MILLS BARRE, BODYJAM, LES MILLS TONE and LES MILLS GRIT™ CardioYou can also access low-impact and recovery workouts as well as mindfulness and wellbeing series. 

What does a Base membership NOT include? 

LES MILLS+ Base is a limited offering and does not include BODYPUMP or Les Mills’ cycle workouts: LES MILLS SPRINT™, THE TRIP™ and RPM™.  You can only access a small number of workouts for each program, and you will not be able to access some workout and training plans, some fitness challenges or bootcamps. LES MILLS+ Base does not include app features such as favorites or downloadable workouts, workout history and popular workouts. 

LES MILLS+ Base is not yet available on the apps for Roku, Amazon Firestick, Google TV, Apple TV, Android TV, or Xbox.  

Why does my screen look different now that I have changed to a LES MILLS+ Base membership? 

You’ll notice some differences between how LES MILLS+ Base and Premium appears. With a Base membership, the Navigation bar at the top looks different as there is no access to the MY LIST/FAVORITES function. The content that is only available with a Premium membership will appear with a diamond icon.  

How do I subscribe to LES MILLS+?

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What devices are recommended for each tier?

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How do I upgrade from Base to Premium?

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How do I change from Premium to Base?

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