We are aware that someone is sending spam emails pretending to be a member of the Les Mills team. These will not be sent from an official Les Mills email address ending in @lesmills.com and may include a forged invoice containing your personal identifying information as well as a fraudulent subscription charge that should not appear on your bank statement. Do not respond to the contact in these emails or provide any of your personal details, especially credit card details, to the contacts in these emails.

Unless you have signed up for a subscription through our official website, lesmillsondemand.com, you do not need to be concerned about us charging you for a subscription or holding your payment details. If you do see suspicious activity on your bank or credit card statement contact your bank and payment provider immediately.

You can better identify phishing and malicious spam emails as they will often have one or more of the below characteristics:

- Urgent action demands.
- Poor grammar and spelling errors.
- An unfamiliar greeting or salutation.
- Requests for login credentials, payment information, or sensitive data.
- Offers that are too good to be true.
- Suspicious or unsolicited attachments.
- Inconsistencies in email addresses, links, and domain names.

If you have any questions or concerns please contact our support team using the contact us form below.