Change Payment Details

You can update your personal and payment details at any time from the My Profile section of My Account. You will need to login first to be able to access My Account. Select ‘Account Information’ in the drop down under ‘My Account’ at the top of the page. Don’t forget to save your changes.

1. Select here to sign in and see the details of your current account.

2. Select on the VIEW DETAILS text next to your subscription.




3. Make sure your billing address is up-to-date before selecting CONTINUE to update your payment method.


4. Now enter your updated payment information before selecting CONTINUE.


5. Finally, review your subscription details before selecting SUBMIT PAYMENT DETAILS.


Please note: that it is currently only possible to update your payment information through the website and not our apps. Furthermore, if your subscription has become canceled you won't be able to update your payment details - you'll need to re-subscribe to LMOD and in doing so you'll be able to enter in your new card information.

Change email address

If you have recently signed up and would like to change your email address, the fastest way to do this is to cancel and then re-subscribe with the email address you want. 

If that is not possible, then please reach out to support and we can change this for you. Please provide the following info to ensure the correct account is changed:

- Name on account

- Current email address

- Zip code / post code

- New email address

Logout / Login to all devices

When you have changed your email address, remember to sign out of all of your devices, and re-login with your new email address. This includes signing out of your mobile devices and re-activating your TV devices (Roku / XBOX One / Firestick / Apple TV / Android TV).

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