Cancellation Steps

Who is this for? These steps are for customers that subscribed and provided payment details to Les Mills On Demand. If you pay for your subscription through a club or partner, please cancel through that same channel.

1. Select here to sign in and see details of your current subscription

2.  Select CANCEL located beside the subscription

Note: if you see that your payment method is "Activation Code" and there is no CANCEL button, it's likely that you received access via your club and will need to get in touch with them.





4. Select OK


5. We will confirm your subscription cancellation via email. We wish you well in your fitness journey and hope to see you back again!


How do I re-subscribe?
  • We'd love to see you again in the future - please follow these steps to re-subscribe

I forgot my password can you help?

  • To reset your password please visit this page and follow the steps.

Am I eligible for a refund?
  • We do not offer refunds once purchased. Simply cancel your subscription yourself and you will receive no further charges. You will continue to have system access until the end of your paid-for period.
  • LMOD is a subscription service where you pay upfront for access to the platform for a certain time period. 
  • Our monthly and three monthly subscriptions are recurring, meaning that at the end of each period you will pay for the next period. Our yearly subscription will roll onto the monthly subscription when complete.

I've followed the steps and there is no option to cancel, why is this?

  • This would indicate that you did not subscribe direct.
  • If you subscribed and pay through a club or partner, please go through that same channel to cancel.
  • If you have been given temporary access within your gym app (you have a module called Virtual Workouts) due to the COVID19 situation, you will be notified and automatically canceled when this temporary access expires.

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