One of many methods for watching LES MILLS+ workouts via your big screen is via casting or screen mirroring! Devices such as Chromecast or Apple TV (AirPlay) provide this option, along with some newer TV's which have built-in casting available.

If you do not have one of these devices, there are still other options for watching LES MILLS+ via your TV! Please check out our other article on this here

NOTE: AirPlay is only available via another Apple device. Chromecast can be used via the Android or iPhone app.

Steps to cast:

  1. Open the LES MILLS+ app on your device

  2. You should see the casting button on your screen in the top right corner immediately, or you can click on a workout first and then start casting

    The appearance of the casting icon will depend on the device you are using, but may look like the following:

  3. You will then see a pop up to select which device you would like to cast to, which may appear as the following:

  4. Once connected, the video will appear on your big screen and your devices screen will update to let you know you are now casting/mirroring!


If you're having issues casting or cannot see the casting icon, please follow the steps below:

  • Make sure the device you are casting from (e.g. phone) & to (e.g. Chromecast) are on the same Wi-Fi network
  • Restart your wireless router or modem, and make sure you have a fast and stable internet connection with a download speed of at least 500kbps
  • Unplug casting device and plug back in, or if your TV has built-in casting, unplug your TV and plug back in
  • Uninstall & reinstall the app, and sign in again
  • Update your TV operating system
  • If you're using Apple TV, it must be 4th gen model A1625 and software version 17.3 or higher

NOTE: Casting is not currently available from web browsers. 

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